Save on longer rides in Brisbane
Headed to the airport or the suburbs?
Ride there at your own price with inDrive
Save on longer rides in Brisbane
Headed to the airport or the suburbs?
Ride there at your own price with inDrive
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Why are longer rides cheaper with inDrive?
Minimal service payments for our drivers
We keep our service payments (the percentage of the fare that we take) as low as possible. This means drivers can drive you for a lower fare, but still make at least the same money.
Users control the ride fares
inDriver doesn’t manipulate ride prices because of 'high demand' when it’s raining, when the roads are busy, or when your phone is on 1% battery. The price of each ride is decided by our users, not an algorithm.
No middleman
We let drivers and passengers choose each other in the app and agree directly on what works for them. We don’t build complex algorithms to match drivers to passengers or to set ride fares based on external factors.

Ok, but why only longer rides?
If you're taking a short ride to, say, a train station 1km away, you'll likely get a better price with another service. That's because other apps may subsidise driver's earnings from short rides.

If you're riding a little further — to the suburbs from the centre, for example — you can offer your own fares and make significant savings with inDriver, even in rush hour. This is because we only take a minimal percentage of each fare (if any), meaning that drivers can offer you lower prices.
How do we keep you safe?
Only verified drivers
Ride requests can only be completed by drivers whose documents have been fully verified.

Choose with confidence
Pick a driver based on their ratings, comments and feedback. We block those who don't meet our standards.

Safety features
Tap the in-app safety icon to share your ride details and live location with friends and family. You can also contact emergency services from the app if needed.
*Online aggregator of passenger transportation services "inDrive" is not a taxi service and is not involved in user relations. All ride requests are created, directed and completed by users themselves.