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inDrive Drivers of the Month SA
4th April
1st March
Winners of South Africa
We’ll be counting rides completed between 1st March and 1st April.
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There are two categories:
  • The driver of the month
  • The Best inDrive Newcomer who’s made his/her first impressions!
Terms of participation
R2000 fuel voucher
Best inDrive Newcomer
Those who joined inDrive 2 months ago or less have an opportunity to win special prizes by participating in the #BestNewinDriveSA. If you joined inDrive within the past 2 months and make the most of your rides, you could win! Don’t forget to mention us on social media using #BestNewinDriveSA
R4000 fuel voucher
inDrive of the Month
To become #inDriveDriverofMarchSA you need to have been using our app for 3 months or more and complete as many rides as possible with 5-star ratings from your passengers. Don’t forget to mention us on social media using #inDriveDriverofMarchSA
Results will be announced on the 4th of April 2023
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