Finally, rides you need
We verify every driver’s basic info and documents in the app
You’ll see driver’s rating and the number of their rides in advance
Find a driver who accepts your offer or accept a driver’s offer instead
Be secure in your choice
Choose a driver
Offer your fare
The app for fair rides
More features for your safety are available during the ride. For example, sharing your location with one of your contacts
Find features for your safety in the side menu: contact emergency services directly from our app
Help during the ride
Safety features
Safety of your rides
How to get started
On average, rides with inDrive are 20% cheaper than other services. In some major cities, the app shows you the average cost of a ride on the indicated route in other services. You can offer any price, relying on this cost. InDriver has a minimum cost of travel, it can be the same across the city or vary depending on the route, but it will always be significantly lower than the average prices in other services.
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About us
The inDrive online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently.