inDrive — Inner Drive
Freedom of choice with inDrive
Challenging injustice
People and Communities around the world should have equal opportunities for development and prosperity
inDrive’s Mission
inDrive’s Vision
inDrive’s Values:
To be 100% committed to our vision and mission. We earn money through promoting fair trade principles. We run sustainable non-profit programs. Both of these are meaningful, purposeful core businesses for us. We act ethically and we do no evil
To be professional, effective and initiative-taking. Achieve more and more with optimal costs. To be lean and nimble. Take responsibility and be precise. Use common sense. Make endless improvements and innovations
To be user-centric, improve loyalty, safety, and emotional connection with our brand. Relentlessly develop the team and hire the best people. Inspire personal growth. Maintain inclusivity, meritocracy, mutual support and respect in the team, along with honesty and direct feedback. Contribute to users' and the team's happiness
About us
inDrive began as an exercise in justice. In the northern city of Yakutsk, taxi drivers would double their fares when the temperature dropped. And there, in eastern Siberia, the temperature dropped often. So passengers banded together and demanded fairness and transparency in their mobility solutions, values which power inDrive to this day.
inDrive gives freedom of choice to people all around the world
Transparent terms
Cost is always fair
Direct payments
Total transparency brings back the feeling of control. There are no algorithms or price manipulation. Drivers see the exact route before accepting, they can also choose which rides to respond to and passengers are free to choose a driver
The cost of services with inDrive is fair. This is because our people-to-people model allows users to agree amongst themselves on a price that satisfies both parties
Passengers pay drivers directly. This allows us to reduce costs and maintain lower fares. The payment for the services for the providers is also the lowest in the market
inDrive operates in the largest metropolitan areas at the highest levels of competition. It also operates in small villages with a population of just seven to eight thousand residents which often have very weak internet connections and no maps. We have the ability to successfully adapt to the needs of residents of any village, town or city.
The app popularity is growing because of our unique people-to-people model and Human Driven approach
inDrive services
About us
The inDrive online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently.