Ride for a fair price you both agree on!
inDrive is an offer-your-price mobility app for fair deals
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Select the best offers from drivers based on price, vehicle, and estimated arrival time
You have freedom of choice
Now everything is under control - you even choose your driver based on their rating and on other passengers’ feedback
You know your driver
Offer your fares and save on every ride - long or short. No hidden charges or surge pricing. No more algorithms telling you what to pay
You set the price
Why passengers choose us
We're Silicon Valley's next big success story: a ride-hailing app that lets both passengers and drivers get a fair deal. We believe that there is still no technology in the world that could replace human empathy. That feeling of right and fair choice when you push the button to order a ride.

inDrive exists to prove - ride-hailing apps can and should be more human. Because a fair price is something you can agree on, not hope for. inDrive is trusted by millions of people worldwide.
Who are we?
*Online aggregator of passenger transportation services "inDrive" is not a taxi service and is not involved in user relations. All ride requests are created, directed and completed by users themselves.
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