Convenient, fast, and reliable logistics at your price
Profitable deliveries for small and medium-sized businesses
inDrive deliveries help both small and medium-sized businesses grow
Construction shops
Online store
From a document package to a concert grand piano: inDrive offers courier and freight deliveries for business
Delivery options
Courier on the car
Fast: for parcels weighing up to 10 kg
Motor Courier
Safe: for fragile or bulky parcels up to 20 kg
Bike courier
Handy: for parcels weighing up to 10 kg
Best: for parcels weighing up to 10 kg
Foot courier
Up to 20 tons — for long-distance transportation, any large-sized furniture, equipment, or building materials can fit
Small body
Up to 400 kg — holds small appliances, and furniture, such as an armchair or a drawer
Up to 1.5 tons — will keep the temperature of food and medicines
Up to 750 kg — fits small furniture, such as chairs or wall shelves
Up to 1.5 tons — can accommodate large furniture, boxes with bulky orders
Medium body
Large body
Up to 5 tons — can fit large equipment, furniture, boxes
Up to 7 tons — holds large furniture and building materials
Flatbed truck with folding sides
Track your parcel in the app
Both you and the buyer can pay for the delivery
2 minutes is the average time to find a courier
We send parcels to other cities and countries
We work 24/7
Why businesses choose inDrive
How to order delivery
1. Leave a request
Our manager will call you, tell you about the service, and help you install the app
2. Create order in the app
6. Pay for your order
5. Pass the shipment on to the executor
3. Choose a plan and offer your price
4. Choose the executor
Specify the pick-up and drop-off location
With cash or online transfer. We do not charge service payment and do not control transactions between executors and customers
Keep track of your order in the app and call the executor directly, if necessary
If they raise the price, feel free to negotiate with them directly in the app
The higher the delivery price, the more responses you will get
Our manager will help you arrange the first shipment
Сообщение об успешной отправке!
Frequently Asked Questions
About Us
Here you can negotiate delivery terms with couriers.Y ou can choose based on price, route, and other factors. Our mission is to develop the world with free and fair transactions. That way, millions of people worldwide are free from the price manipulations of global corporations.
Today, inDrive operates in more than 700 cities in 47 countries worldwide. Here you can negotiate delivery terms with couriers.
625+ cities
clients and drivers
100+ million
1+ billion
app installs
150 million
Phone: 8 800 800-80-80
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