Ride for a fair price in 14 Pakistani cities
inDrive is an offer-your-price mobility app for fair deals
Emergency button always at hand
Real-time location sharing
24/7 support
And for everyone. Day by day, many more features become available
Safety first
Drivers can choose any orders they like
Passengers are free to choose any driver
Total transparency brings back the feeling of control
Ride control
Fixed per trip
We believe that people can always come to an agreement, and it is always better to deal with real people rather than complex мachines. Whatever the weather, whatever the traffic, our ride fares are always:
Fair fares
Driver's photo and car verification

Available in 14 Pakistani cities

Get a ride at a price negotiated by you in 14 cities across Pakistan. Now, that's fair!

It's up to you

You get to decide, not complex мachines and algorithms. Ride for a fair price you and your driver agree on.

Get the ride you want

With inDrive, you can tailor your rides to your needs and preferences. Pick your driver by fare, rating, time of arrival, and car

Driver's identity and car verification

We require drivers to frequently verify their identity and cars with photos. This quick process confirms that the driver's registered details match their profile and is up to date.

Driver training courses

We offer educational courses for our drivers to provide essential safety tips and improve their interactions with the app and fellow commuters.

*Currently available only in Islamabad, with plans to launch in Karachi in the near future

Who are we?
We're Silicon Valley's next big success story: a rideshare app that lets both passengers and drivers get a fair deal. The №1 set-your-price ride-hailing app by downloads
global users
* The inDrive online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently

** Based on research done by data.ai Intelligence estimates and App IQ Classification and Global downloads across iOS & Google Play (iOS only in China) in October of 2022. The research was conducted in relation to ride-hailing apps with user-determined fare calculations.

Internet passenger transportation service aggregator "inDrive" is not a taxi service. More information at indrive.com