Ride for a fair price you both agree on
inDrive — offer your price mobility app for fair deals
Fixed per trip
We believe that people can always come to an agreement. Despite traffic or bad weather price for a ride remains:
Fair fares
Emergency button always at hand
Real-time location sharing
24/7 support
And for everyone. Day by day, many more features become available:
Safety first
Drivers see the exact route before accepting
Drivers can choose any orders as well
Passengers are free to choose any driver
Total transparency brings back the feeling of control:
Ride control
There is still no technology in the world that could replace human empathy. That feeling of right and fair choice when you push the button to order a ride. inDrive exists to prove — ride-hailing apps can and should be more human. Because a fair price is something you can agree on, not hope for.
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While we are working on some updates (like removing the letter 'R' from our name), for any questions, please visit
The inDrive online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently