Standing for Safer Streets!
Lighting up the streets so you can feel safe inside and out
About the Project
Waiting for your captain on an unlit street naturally feels uncomfortable for most people. And we want to make rides as convenient for our users as possible.
inDrive has installed 20 illuminated ‘Safest Billboards’ in strategic locations across Cairo, making them comfortable spots to wait for your ride.

We stand for safer streets and want to contribute to the city environment so that more people can experience smooth trips in Egypt.
Find pick-up/ drop-off zones near you
inDrive for Safety
We look out for your safety and are continuously adding new features to the app to make sure all inDrive users can ride at their ease.
Rating System
Know Your Driver
Mandatory Checks
We ask users to share their honest feedback after every ride. You can choose your captains based on the previous riders’ experience
You can see your driver's name, profile picture, rating, and ride history before accepting their offer
All drivers must pass a background check before driving with inDrive.
Safety Button
Share Your Ride
Tap it to quickly contact the police or emergency services
Share the driver's information and the real-time location of the car with your friends and family
What people say about the project
Thank you for giving your opinion about the #SafeInsideAndOut project. We will share the results here soon. Stay tuned!
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