How to Make Every Ride Safe and Comfortable
Safety First
Buckle up every time — even on short trips — no matter what seat you're sitting in.

Do not distract the driver's attention from the road. Sit in the backseat diagonal to the driver so they don't need to turn while talking to you.
Respect for All
Please, respect your driver, their car, personal space, and privacy.

Remember to greet your driver and thank them for the ride or help with your luggage. Little things like this make your mutual experience much better.

Please, be mindful and avoid asking personal questions, sharing contact info, and physical contact.
Riding in Comfort
Feel free to ask the driver to change the music, adjust the temperature, or close the window. Just make sure your request works for both of you.

Please, do not smoke inside the car, and be careful with food and drinks to avoid stains or unpleasant smells. If you make a mess, please tidy up or cover the cost of cleaning.

Lastly, avoiding loud or personal phone conversations during the ride is best.
Prohibited Substances
Please do not consume or transport alcohol (in open containers) or illegal drugs while using our service.
We have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind. Please treat each other with dignity and respect.
One Person, One Account
Please do not share your inDrive account with others. By using your account, you are responsible only for your actions, and it also helps our drivers recognize you more easily.
Riding with Kids
Children and teenagers under 18 must always be with an adult when using inDrive. If you're traveling with a child, let us know in advance if you need a child seat.
Riding with Pets
Let the driver know beforehand if you're bringing a pet. Please bring a carrier or a blanket to cover the car seat and reduce the risk of a mess.
Happy riding!
Did you enjoy your ride? If so, please give your driver a good rating. Your feedback affects the driver's ranking and helps improve the service.

If you have any concerns about your ride, please contact inDrive support. Try to avoid criticizing the driver during the ride to prevent any disagreements.

You can contact the team at or through the app: Side Menu ➡ Safety ➡ Contact Support.
Rating Your Ride
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