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inDrive, imparts The Future of Mobility workshop to children in Agra, India

28 October, 2022. BeginIT, a social educational program launched by inDrive in 2012, organized a one-day Information Technology (IT) skills workshop for children from rural schools in Agra. The goal of the workshop was to teach the children about the different mechanisms of four-wheeled robotics and how it is programmed.

The BeginIT program is an initiative from inDrive, the world’s fastest growing online ride-hailing service. The program aims to identify and guide capable children from orphanages, boarding schools, and rural schools in the use of new technologies. The goal is to arouse children's interest in intellectual production, to promote personal growth, and to provide future career guidance in the field of technology.

Today, BeginIT has engaged with more than 1,300 participants from 15 countries around the globe. In India, there are forty two students participating in the BeginIT project from 3 rural schools including Lokadrash public School, Maharshi Parashuram shikshan Sansthan Eka Firozabad and Kasturba Gandhi Abasiy Balika Vidhyalay in Firozabad, Agra.

Today these 42 students participated in the Robomania Workshop that was conducted with the participation of Tinkerly, an edtech company that helps school age kids to learn Robotics, AI, Coding & IoT.

“Through our BeginIT project, we try to connect with young kids through technology to stimulate their problem-solving skills and prepare them for the future '' said Pavit Nanda Anand, inDrive South Asia PR Manager.

“We organized a fun learning workshop for the children where they learnt how to build smart vehicles from scratch. This activity helped the children to deepen their knowledge on transportation and automobiles and hopefully will help to groom new generations of engineers, designers and creatives. They learnt to implement a STEM-based program focused on the future of transportation” she added

During the training session, kids learned about design thinking, conceptualization, and working with microcontrollers and sensors necessary to create, for example, a driverless car.

BeginIT aims to contribute to the children's personal growth, to make technology interesting and accessible for them despite their socio economic backgrounds, and to influence and guide their choice of a future profession.

By 2022, 127 orphanages, shelters, and remote rural schools from Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Indonesia, and India take part in the BeginIT project.

“The vision of Tinkerly is to make STEM learning easier. This Partnership with BeginIT enables us to serve the unprivileged students with world class robotics education where they can learn how to design a car through hands-on exercises. The workshop included an Introduction to robotics, comparison of what early cars were like and what they would be like in today's world. At the end of the session,all the children built and programmed their own unmanned vehicle using Arduino, a popular microcontroller board.” said Sharad Bansal, Co-Founder and CEO, Tinkerly