Ride-hailing service inDrive starts operating in Turkey

8 November, 2022. inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, is launching in Istanbul. inDrive will be available only to drivers of official taxis. Trips will take place at a price not lower than calculated by the taximeter. The first test results show that drivers and passengers highly appreciated the quality and convenience of the new service.

inDrive (headquartered in California, USA) is a phenomenon on the map of global transportation startups. Having appeared ten years ago as a local group on a social network where drivers and passengers could directly negotiate the price of a trip, inDrive has become a global player whose application in the category of city trips is the second most popular in the world. Today inDrive successfully operates in 47 countries, including the Middle East (Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco).

Now inDrive is ready to start development in Turkey and plans to actively grow its user base and increase its brand awareness.

The company has already started holding regular meetings with drivers, during which it explains the subtleties of the service. Collaboration with the community of taxi drivers, taking into account their interests and compliance with the laws of Turkey are priorities for inDrive.

How it works

A distinctive feature of inDrive is that the passenger and the driver agree directly on the cost and other details of the trip, but the price of the trip cannot be lower than the taximeter set.

The platform has implemented a system of mutual reviews and ratings, which allows drivers and passengers to choose the most comfortable fellow travelers. Passengers can choose drivers by rating, car brand and other criteria. Drivers can also see the passenger's rating, as well as the end point of the trip before they accepted the order.

0% service fee

In the first stage the inDrive service will not charge a service fee in Istanbul, which will allow drivers to earn even more.

inDrive is known in the world for the fact that after the launch of monetization, it always charges the lowest service fee among international ride–hailing services - no more than 12%, including VAT. For comparison: competitors charge from 20 to 30%, and in some cases even more.


The inDrive safety system is built on the principles used by leading industry players. In addition to the generally accepted system of mutual reviews and ratings, the company collects other data (including verifying users by phone number), which, if necessary, it can provide to law enforcement agencies.