inDriver arrives in Dar es Salaam

inDriver has started operations in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. Now rides around the city and the surrounding area can be ordered at a fair price. The service has been successfully operating in Tanzania since 2018.

January, 2022. inDriver, the international IT platform for transport and consumer services, is starting operations in Dar es Salaam. The service has been successfully operating in Tanzania since 2018, providing urban, intercity and courier services to the population. Based on the successful experience in other countries and cities, the company expects that in Dar es Salaam the service will be in high demand among the residents of the city.

How it works

A distinctive feature of inDriver is that the passenger and the driver agree directly on the cost and other details of the ride. These agreements are final and do not change depending on distance, weather conditions or traffic congestion.

All users have the freedom of choice. Passengers can choose drivers by rating, car brand and other criteria.

Drivers also choose which order to respond to. Their choice is based on the price offered by the passenger, route, distance and passenger rating. If they are satisfied with everything except the price, the driver can place a counter offer.

In Dar es Salaam, services are available both by car or boda.

Evgeny Kalinin, Business Development Manager Africa: “inDriver consistently follows its principles of world development through new technologies. It is very important for us to contribute to the economy of the countries where we operate. We strictly comply with the regulations and have an official license from LATRA. We strongly support the government's licensing regulation, and the related limitation of the service fee is not an obstacle for us. inDriver plans to maximize its presence in Tanzania, and is ready to cover the country's needs for urban and intercity transportation”.

Payment Details

Services are paid in cash, all payments are made directly between users. inDriver does not charge drivers commission fees in Dar es Salaam yet, and when we begin to do so, it will not exceed 10% of the service value, which is significantly lower than that of our competitors.


inDriver is an officially licensed LATRA (The Land Transport Regulatory Authority in Tanzania) ride-hailing service in Tanzania.

The inDriver security system is built on the principles used by leading industry players. In addition to the generally accepted system of mutual user reviews and ratings, the company collects other data (including verification of users by phone number), which, if necessary, can be provided to law enforcement agencies.