inDrive launches Set-Your-Own-Price ride-hailing app in Delhi NCR

27th October, 2022, With more than two billion rides completed across the world, inDrive, an international ride-hailing platform, is disrupting the ride-sharing industry by allowing passengers and drivers to negotiate fair fares amongst themselves. And now the global ride-sharing service has arrived in New Delhi, the capital city of India.

InDrive is a People Driven company that believes that there is no technology in the world that can replace human empathy. inDrive exists to prove — ride-hailing apps can and should be more human. Because a fair price is something you can agree on, not hope for.

Key features of inDrive

Fair Fares

Unlike other services that have pre-established algorithms, the cost of the service is agreed between passenger and driver and does not depend on traffic or weather conditions.

Safety First

For passenger and driver safety inDrive has developed many features, such as:

  • 24/7 support
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Emergency button always at hand

Ride Control

Total transparency brings back the feeling of control:

  • Passengers are free to choose their driver.
  • Drivers can choose which trips are the most profitable and convenient for them.
  • Drivers see the exact route before accepting.

"We are excited to launch inDrive in Delhi. inDrive is a service that allows drivers and passengers to find each other, and to independently agree on all the terms of each trip. The passenger can use our app to offer their price and get counter-offers directly from nearby drivers. In turn, drivers have the right to decide for themselves which ride requests suit them best, and can suggest their own prices. For example, through our app, passengers will pay Rs.160 for travelling from New Delhi Railway Station to Lajpat Nagar and Rs.179/- for travelling from Delhi Airport to Cyber City" said Ms. Pavit Nanda Anand, South Asia PR Manager, inDriver.

Unlike typical ride-hailing apps, inDrive aims to offer a unique service by allowing passengers and drivers to have freedom of choice. If the passenger receives multiple offers, they can take their pick based on the driver's ETA, the price, the vehicle model and the driver's rating. The driver can also choose a particular order based on the price and distance, the passenger's rating, the pick-up location and the number of inDrive trips the customer has already taken.

"The number of active drivers in the city is growing fast. We already have thousands of registered drivers in Delhi NCR. All our driver partners are highly experienced and have completed the full document-verification process. With the launch of inDrive in Delhi NCR, users can now enjoy higher chances of booking a ride with shorter waiting times, and avoid elevated fares during peak hours”, added Ms. Pavit Nanda Anand, South Asia PR Manager, inDrive.