inDriver launches job hunting service

inDriver.Job has become available in Kazakhstan, allowing job seekers to watch videos of their potential workplace before deciding to apply

17 August, 2022 ― inDriver, a global IT platform for transportation and household services, is launching a new job hunting service called inDriver.Job in Kazakhstan.

This service is designed for blue-collar workers and will enable job seekers to get detailed information regarding their prospective workplace through photos and videos. Employers can conveniently outline the job and select workers based on different criteria.

In the upcoming days, the inDriver.Job feature will be available in the inDriver app. Jobseekers in Almaty and Nur-Sultan will be the first to use it. This service will be accessible to the residents of Shymkent, Karagandy, Aktau, Aktobe, Atyrau, and other cities by the end of the year.

How it works

Traditional job postings may be uninformative and rarely give a complete understanding of the work environment, conditions, and responsibilities required. However, a short video and photo of the potential workplace, no longer than a minute, can perfectly provide this information. This is how the inDriver.Job service is built. Better to see once than to read a hundred times, right?

Rather than reading lengthy job descriptions, inDriver.Job offers a quick and efficient way to better understand a potential work environment. Through a one-minute video and photo, viewers can get a more comprehensive overview of the job's conditions and responsibilities. Seeing the job once is much more effective than reading about it a hundred times!


The employer provides a clear description of the job accompanied by photos and videos of the workplace. The video should show the working environment, tools used, tasks, and any physical challenges it presents. It would be beneficial to also show the individual who will supervise and discuss any rewards.

Essentially, creating a job posting video is comparable to making a short video for social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.


Applicants scroll through job postings that meet their criteria by swiping right for ones they are interested in and left for those who are not suitable. When they select a job listing, they can view a summary, the job title, salary, and hours. If the job matches what they are looking for, they can then talk about the details and arrange an interview.

Applicants must sign up and provide information, such as their specialty, desired position, and other parameters. Depending on the job, further documentation (e.g. driver's license or health certification) might be required. The service has many benefits. Applicants can quickly view the workplace, physical demands, potential issues. Employers can expect questions from candidates who are interested in the job. The service produces a list of job postings that fit the criteria.

Many well-known companies have already signed up to use the service and expect significant results. Examples include Beeline, KFC, Home Credit Bank, Freedom Mobile, the e-commerce store Arbuz, Magnum, Helios, Eurasian Bank, Kazakhtelecom, Otbasy Bank, Wildberries, and SINOOIL.

Anna Osharova, inDriver.Job Project Manager: People find visuals, like pictures and videos, more appealing than plain text. Long and tedious job descriptions are not as successful in drawing potential employees as short videos. Seeing is believing, and the inDriver service is designed so that job seekers cannot decide whether to accept or deny the offer, which encourages them to move forward. With the ability to search for vacancies based on their preferences, the chances of finding the suitable job and a successful match with the employer are high. Once the service is monetized, employers will only pay for the candidates suitable for the job, making the service more useful.

Financial details

For the initial three months after the launch, the service will be accessible to everyone at no cost. Afterwards, employers will only be charged when they find an appropriate candidate. They will have a designated account in the app to pay for the service.