inDrive launches in Egypt a new service for affordable intercity trips

inDrive now provides a new service for traveling between cities under the name of inDrive.Intercity which provides comfortable, safe, and affordable rides.

5 December 2022, inDrive, a US based platform of urban services, expands the service of inDrive.Intercity which operates in 17 cities from Nile Delta to Upper Egypt with Trips Prices start from 140 EGP to 1,500 EGP depending on the distance between the cities

The principle of operation of this service is based on the well-known business model of inDrive, in which the driver and passenger agree among themselves on the cost of the trip. This approach allows users to find the most fair price of the trip. At the same time, all participants of the trip retain the freedom to choose co-travelers, travel conditions. Drivers and passengers can choose each other based on reviews from other people and rating.

At the first stage, the company will not charge a service fee. This means that drivers using InDrive will be able to earn more than using another service. And only a trip between Cairo and Alexandria has the lowest service fee in Egypt – it is approximately 3 times lower than taking competitors.

Two more convenient features

  • Shared rides Users can travel with other passengers by choosing the “Shared rides” option. Rides with other passengers make them pay less money than a private ride and still have the same comfortable ride in a good company.

  • Delivery. Another convenient feature in the inDrive.Intercity service is the opportunity not to go on a trip yourself, but to send a parcel. In this case, the user needs to select this option, specify the baggage parameters and agree with the driver on the delivery terms and address.

inDrive's mission is to fight injustice. For this reason, unlike other services, the company does not set the price of the trip and does not use incomprehensible algorithms for pricing during rush hours. The company believes that people themselves can agree among themselves on the terms of the trip. This is fair, transparent, and effective.

Another important approach of inDrive in the fight against injustice – the lowest service fee in the world, which is no more than 10%, while other players take about 20-25%.

This approach allows the company to compete effectively with global IT companies. Today inDrive is the second most downloaded app in the world for city trips, the app has been downloaded more than 150 million times.

“ The driver can negotiate with the customer the price of the trip and he can accept or skip the trip and the customer can pick the driver according to his rate and reviews on the application about his previous trips with other customers” sais Mohamed Ali, business development specialist

“inDrive.Intercity also saves a lot of time by not wasting it at a bus stations, through this service the driver can pick up the customer from location to the drop off location, we can call it door to door service, and the comfort also here is to give the customer the chance to choose the best car for him/her, and among other benefits for the intercity trip that the support team are available 24/7 so it can be one of the most important safety measures for the customer.

In addition, it’s beneficial and profitable for drivers too by having long-distance rides with less fuel consumption and higher fare.They can also choose their destinations and book rides back from the cities.