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inDriver is now operating in Batumi

inDriver is making its entry into the market for urban and long-distance passenger transportation services in Batumi. Rides around the city and surrounding suburbs can now be booked at the price of your choosing. Our service was successfully rolled out in Tbilisi a few months ago.

18 August, 2022: inDriver, an international IT platform for transportation and domestic services, begins operations in Batumi. Earlier this summer, our service was successfully launched in Tbilisi, providing inter- and intra-city transportation and courier services. Based on our positive experience in other countries, particularly in other resort cities, the company anticipates that our service in Batumi will enjoy high demand from both city residents and visiting tourists.

How it works

What sets inDriver apart from its counterparts in the industry is that inDriver's drivers and passengers directly negotiate the fares and other details amongst themselves. The terms agreed to are final and are not affected by factors such as travel distance, weather conditions, or traffic congestion.

On top of this, all users enjoy considerable freedom of choice. Passengers are free to choose drivers based on their rating scores, the make of their vehicles, or other criteria.

Drivers, in turn, are free to choose which rides to take. As a basis for their decision, they can use the price offered by the passenger, the trip route, the travel distance, and the passenger’s own rating. If a deal looks good in all aspects except the price, the driver can set his/her own fare.

Financial details

All services are payable in cash, or by transfer to the Bank of Georgia or TBC Bank. inDriver is not currently charging a service fee for drivers in Batumi, but once the fee is introduced, it will not exceed 10% of the order value – a significantly lower percentage than that of inDriver's competitors.

Safety and security

The inDriver security system is built on the same principles that guide the leading players in the industry. In addition to the universally implemented system of reviews and ratings, the company collects other data, such as the phone numbers used for user verification, which can be made available to law enforcement agencies if required.