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From inDriver to inDrive: the international service announces rebranding

October 11, 2022, inDriver is rebranding to become inDrive, transforming into a group of companies and non-profit development programs with an overarching goal to offer comfort and convenience both in the area of passenger transportation and other markets where direct transactions at fair prices are attainable. The new brand retains continuity while reflecting the reimagined mission and values ​​of the company.


Launched in 2012 as the people’s response to inequitable pricing of taxi services in Yakutsk, inDriver has become a service with over 4 million daily user transactions globally. The app is available in 707 cities in 47 countries on five continents and ranks second world-wide among ride-hailing services in terms of monthly installs on Play Market and AppStore, with a total of over 150 million downloads.

Evolving over the years, inDriver has moved beyond ride-hailing to become an urban services marketplace, where users can look for jobs, request household services, book long-distance trips, deliveries and cargo services. Along with continued improvement of its existing offering, the company will enter new strategic segments - fintech, food delivery, e-commerce, as well as develop large-scale non-profit development programs.

inDriver was originally abbreviated from Independent Drivers, a social media group. inDrive is short for Inner Drive, symbolizing the inner strength and drive as expressed in the company's mission of challenging injustice.

We challenge injustice

Rebranding is not so much about external changes, but rather setting out new meanings and goals, re-envisioning the company’s mission and its DNA.

At inDrive, we believe that having a strong intangible meaning is crucial to keeping our team inspired and fostering the emotional connection between users and the brand.

inDrive intends to identify markets and areas of life characterized by unfair and non-transparent conditions, and offer alternative business models, scaling them across its entire network.

This applies to markets where pricing is determined by complex algorithms and non-transparent schemes, which essentially make it unfair. We believe that a price negotiated by the users directly is the fair price. We are on a mission to provide fair pricing opportunities to as many people as possible across different countries around the world.

Adhering to its mission, the company and its shareholders will allocate greater resources toward non-profit projects in the areas of IT, education, environmental safety, healthcare, art and sports.

The company has been successful at launching and operating these types of programs with one prominent example being BeginIT, a social and educational project, which allows orphans and children from low-income families to obtain initial education in IT.

Over time, the number and scale of such projects will grow, as we strive to provide fair access to services, education and other opportunities for growth and development.

People Driven

The first global ad campaign featuring the reinvented inDrive brand is based on the idea of humanizing technology. Unlike the industry-wide use of machine algorithms, inDrive’s peer-to peer model does not involve complex algorithms. At InDrive, we believe that people can always negotiate directly. Our guiding principle of "people to people" will remain unchanged and is now reflected in the company slogan — “People Driven”.