Global rideshare leader inDrive launches in the U.S., bringing Name-Your-Price model to consumers and drivers

  • The world’s second most downloaded* rideshare app chooses South Florida as its first market in the U.S.

inDrive, the world's fastest-growing online ride-sharing service, today announced its official launch in South Florida, the company’s first U.S. market. Most known for its unique bid-based business model, inDrive brings freedom of choice and fairness to users, allowing passengers and drivers to negotiate and agree on the price of each ride. The company is celebrating its ten-year anniversary with more than 175 million downloads in 48 countries around the world, earning the rank of second most downloaded rideshare app globally.

“We’re thrilled to bring inDrive's rideshare solution to the U.S. We chose South Florida as it’s a market eagerly seeking better transportation alternatives,” said Adam Warner, US country manager. “inDrive puts power in the hands of drivers and riders through our peer-to-peer pricing model and creates a more engaging customer experience – one that both addresses the need for fair pricing and empowers community members with reliable transportation.”

How the app works: benefits for drivers and passengers

Since launching in 2012, inDrive has remained a people-first company by creating equal and fair opportunities for drivers and passengers alike. The company has created global transparency around pricing to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement built on trust and loyalty.

  • Once registered, a passenger can input pickup and drop-off locations, and propose a price for the route.
  • Counteroffers or agreements from available drivers will appear on the screen, prompting the passenger to select the offer that suits best in terms of cost, driver rating and vehicle model.

Outside of benefits for consumers, inDrive’s model increases a driver’s earning potential by allowing them to only accept trips and fares they chose. More importantly, inDrive will not charge drivers a commission in July 2023-January 2024. This way, drivers will take home up to 100% of each fare (subject to airport fees and highway tolls). Globally, inDrive charges a fee of around 10% of each ride, which is the lowest among ridesharing companies. In Miami, inDrive will maintain a minimum ride price to ensure drivers are compensated fairly, while passengers benefit from savings on longer trips.

"Miami is one of the top destinations in the world, and inDrive is a safe, affordable, and reliable option for people who live in or are exploring South Florida,” said Eddy Velazquez, driver operations specialist. “More than its cultural diversity, thriving nightlife, and beautiful beaches, Miami is known best for its people – that’s who we want to serve."

Safety first

inDrive prioritizes passenger and driver safety. Applicant drivers go through comprehensive background checks, including verification of necessary documents, criminal record, licenses, and permits. Passengers can rate their rides and provide feedback on driver behavior and service quality. inDrive aims for complete transparency, whereas drivers and passengers see each other’s information, including ranking and name prior to selecting the driver or accepting the trip.

In addition, the app has built-in safety features: passengers can share trip details with their contacts, with real-time GPS tracking during rides. The app features an emergency button to contact authorities, and has a dedicated support team on hand 24/7.

This announcement comes off the heels of significant growth and milestones for the company. inDrive achieved unicorn status in 2021 after closing a $150 million investment round with Insight Partners, General Catalyst, and Bond Capital, which valued the company at $1.23 billion. This February, the company raised $150 million in an innovative hybrid instrument from General Catalyst to fund marketing spend, including user acquisition and retention costs. In addition to internal growth, the rideshare leader has made strides in launching several global CSR initiatives that engage underserved communities to support access to education, arts, sports and corporate recognition, and is consistently finding ways to positively impact the communities it operates in.

To learn more about inDrive, please visit and download the app on the iOS App Store or Google Play. Interested drivers can learn more about inDrive’s offerings and sign up to get started following the link.

About inDrive

inDrive is a global mobility and urban services platform headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. The inDrive app has been downloaded over 175 million times and was the second most downloaded mobility app in 2022. In addition to ride-hailing, inDrive provides an expanding list of urban services, including intercity transportation, freight delivery, task assistance, courier delivery and employment search.

inDrive operates in more than 655 cities across 48 countries. It supports local communities via its peer-to-peer payment model and community empowerment programs, which help advance education, sports, arts and sciences, gender equality and other vital initiatives. For more information visit

*in 2022, according to