inDriver launches courier service in Istanbul

29 December 2022, inDriver, the international IT platform for transport and consumer services, launches a city delivery service (inDrive.Couriers) in Istanbul. Any drivers (including taxi drivers who use ride-haling service of inDrive) will be able to become couriers, as well as motorcycle couriers who are more mobile in the city roads.

inDriver was launched in Istanbul in the fall of 2022 as a ride-hailing service. Only official taxi drivers could join the platform. The trip price is recommended by our app based on taximeter fares. However, drivers and passengers can negotiate themselves. The service quickly gained popularity in Istanbul and the company recognized the launch as a success.

inDriver is a platform of urban services and today operates in 47 countries. Following the launch strategy in new countries, after launching core service (ride-hailing), the company launches additional city services. The first of such services in Istanbul became inDrive.Couriers. It works the same way: the customer publishes his delivery offer indicating the price and points A and B, registered couriers accept the offer, reject or bargain their price. The final price is determined directly between the courier and the customer.

inDriver couriers can be registered drivers (including official taxi drivers using ride-hailing service of inDrive), as well as motorcycle, bicycle and walking couriers. Preliminary surveys show that about 30% of current taxi drivers are ready to make courier deliveries if they are satisfied with the price and route. However, due to the congestion of the city's roads with transport, which paralyzes traffic during rush hours, inDriverintends to actively attract motorcycle couriers, as more mobile road actors.

Similar to other p2p platforms, inDriver has a system of ratings, which help users to choose each other.

According to the experience of processing InDriver Couriers in other countries, the most active customers of the service are small and medium businesses (e.g. flower shops, bakeries). It is more convenient for them to always have available inDriver Couriers on hand than to hire full-time employees. This is more budget efficient, and it allows to process orders during peak hours much faster.